The tutoring unit is a supervision window for new students enrolled at the Algerian University. Its main role is guidance and information.This work is hard and continuous for the success of the student at all levels (educational, social, psychological, ...).The tutoring cell has provided better results with doctoral students for the success of this noble task. The Cell achieves many successes reflected in the exam pass rate which exceeded 80%.

Tutoring’s Main utilities

• Tutors do not have a mission to replace teachers or take charge of your work, but to identify your difficulties and allow you to overcome them. They can help you in the following areas:o The organization of your work on the year (time management, learning methods, points to work before others, priorities to identify).o Clarification of some course points.o The methodology of the exercises proposed in the year or on the examination.o The use of course brochures.o The recovery of corrected type or even individual copies.o The search for documents.o Some practical questions.

The tutor is not in the best position to answer administrative questions. But he will direct you to the information documents or to the competent person: teacher for the internal organization of a course (modalities of an exam, means , dates of assignments, etc.), secretariat for the general organization of a component (registrations, general methods of continuous examination and examinations) and for the material management of documents (polysheets, cd-rom, copies).

for more information, go to: http://tutorat.univ-tlemcen.dz/